One call delivers all. Our product selection can be summed up in one word: Impressive. This is thanks in part to the suppliers we’ve been working with for many years. Although beef is our specialty, we have expanded our product line to satisfy the changing needs of our valued customers. Below are some highlights from our product offering. A full product list is available upon request. Remember, all products are available in non-standard portions for next day delivery

A AA AAA Category – Canadian Angus Beef

Contre-filet de porc
Rib steak

A AA AAA Category – Canadian Beef

Selection of A AA AAA Angus Commercial category

Filet mignon de la meilleure qualité à Montréal
Bœuf haché emballé

Medium / Lean / Extra Lean / Angus / Chuck

A AA AAA Category – Canadian Angus Beef

Surlonge coupe baseball
Burger de bœuf congelé

Fresh Home Style beef Burgers / Frozen Beef Burger

Boneless Chicken Breast / Boneless Chicken Thighs

Poulet fraîchement coupé

Get the best quality and the best yield for a few cents more per portion