Trust in an important value of our business.

That is why we’ve been so successful for so many years. Our customers trust us to select only the best meats and cost them at fair prices. They also trust us to operate our business under the highest standards of safety and hygiene. Our HACCP certification guarantees the quality and safety of each and every food item we offer in a food service environment. Our equipment, dress code, food handling methods and processes undergo continuous inspection. Whether as a supplier or a consumer, we feel privileged to have earned this important food industry distinction.

But what does process means?

Process allows us to ensure consistency, so that each time you unwrap and prepare one of our products, you get the same delicious high-quality beef, poultry, pork or veal cuts. This level of consistency in such a high-output environment doesn’t happen by accident; our staff is trained and retrained on the best and most efficient cuts and packaging methods. If you visit our facilities, you may even see Alpha’s founding butcher walking the floor himself, seeing to details that only a keen experienced professional can do.